There Is A Solution


A Menís meeting of cocaine anonymous





There Is A Solution is a closed e-mail-based meeting of Cocaine Anonymous. TIAS is Intended to be a men's discussion meeting, where men can talk more freely about issues That they might not feel comfortable sharing in other meetings.

 To permit open discussion, TIAS is only open to addicts who are seeking recovery. Friends and family of cocaine addicts should try Co-Anon, which also has an E-mail Group. They can be found at

Like most e-mail lists, each message sent to the list is echoed to each subscriber, including the sender. In order to prevent unsolicited mailings to the group, we limit participation to subscribers. There are no dues or fees for a subscription -- the only requirement is a desire to stop using cocaine and all other mind-altering substances.

TIAS is an e-mail group. It is not a chat line. There is usually a delay of several minutes between sending a message to the server and it being distributed to the group.

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If you wish your subscription to go to an address other than the one you are using now, or if you have questions regarding the meeting, please contact the TIAS secretary.

Please do not change the subject line of the subscribe request or the list software will not be able to process your subscription. Also, please note that messages will be sent to whatever e-mail address you subscribe from. When you subscribe, you will receive an automated response Asking you to confirm your intent to subscribe. After you respond to that message, you will receive a welcome message describing the meeting in more detail, along with all of the other options.

If you wish, you may subscribe to the TIAS Business Meeting where the members of the meeting decide how the meeting will work. To do so, click here


The quantity of messages from the business meeting will not usually be large enough to require a digest version, so one is not available at this time.





There Is A Solution is a meeting of Cocaine Anonymous. "C.A.", "Cocaine Anonymous", "Hope, Faith & Courage" and the CA logo are registered trademarks of Cocaine Anonymous World Services, Inc. All rights reserved.



Administrative contact :  TIAS secretary